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Schedule for 2015-06-29

  1. House (strip Seasons 1-4)

    S3/E19: Act Your Age

  2. House (strip Seasons 1-4)

    S3/E20: House Training

  3. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E18: Jr.'s Risky Business: Part 2

  4. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E19: Jury Duty

  5. Sisterhood of Hip Hop Sisterhood of Hip Hop S2/E3

    S2/EP3: Sisterhood of Hip Hop S2/E3


    Bia seeks out Pharrell and Pusha T for advice on a new single. Meanwhile, Siya gets too turnt up with her entourage. Diamond moves to LA and the drama between her and Nyemiah comes to a head.

  6. Snapped Ana Trujillo

    S15/EP5: Ana Trujillo


    A prominent scientist is bludgeoned to death with a blue stiletto heel.

  7. Snapped Snapped S8/E2

    S8/EP2: Snapped S8/E2

    Here's a scene from Snapped episode 802: Linda Henning.
  8. Snapped Snapped S8/E3

    S8/EP3: Snapped S8/E3

    Here's a scene from Snapped episode 803: Shayne Lovera.
  9. New Episode

    Mr. Robot (pilot)

  10. The E! True Hollywood Story (2015)

    Social Media Nightmares

  11. New Episode

    E! Investigates (2012)

    S12/E7: Stories Of Survival

  12. New Episode

    E! Investigates (2011)

    The Family Who Vanished

  13. New Episode

    E! Investigates (2011)

    Fatal Teen Triangle

  14. The Oxygen Movie

    Soul Plane

  15. The Oxygen Movie

    Madea's Family Reunion

  16. Snapped Snapped S8/E4

    S8/EP4: Snapped S8/E4

    Here's a scene from Snapped episode 804: Courtney Schulhoff.
  17. Tuesday, June 30

  18. Snapped Snapped S8/E5

    S8/EP5: Snapped S8/E5

    Here's a scene from Snapped episode 805: Kelly Ryan.
  19. Snapped Snapped S8/E6

    S8/EP6: Snapped S8/E6

    Here's a scene from Snapped 806: Monique Berkley.
  20. Snapped

    S5/E1: Martha Freeman

    A bookeeper poisons her millionaire boss and gets away with probabtion. And the boss' wife, who some insist was in on the murder, is never even charged.

  21. The Prancing Elites Project Prancing with the Stars

    S1/EP10: Prancing with the Stars


    Hoping to take the Elites to a new level, the group heads to Los Angeles to audition for a music video. The Elites meet with a Media Coach to prepare for a radio interview, but Kareem is hesitant to speak out.

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