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Schedule for 2016-05-04

  1. Like A Boss

    S1/E6: Stay Golden, Golden Boy

    Amber fends off romantic overtures from Golden Boy. Rian questions a future assisting Tigger when he gives her a wild task. Drekia's friends set her up on blind dates. Devin's future depends on him passing the real estate exam

  2. Living With Funny

    S1/E1: Living With The Spotlight

    On the premiere episode, Georgia finds a condom in the house and urges Michael to have "the talk" with his son. Brandon annoys Denise, duh. Deray and his two girlfriends host a house party but he ends up looking like a clown.

  3. Living With Funny

    S1/E2: The Director And The Houseguest

    Michael and Georgia are surprised by an unwelcome houseguest. Caro needs an actor's reel to show off her talent, and since he must be involved in everything, DeRay insists on directing

  4. Living With Funny

    S1/E3: Socialmediaritis

    Michael's family is sick with social media so he tries to cure them by taking them on an adventure. Brandon needs to prove he's a serious fighter so he has Adam set up an MMA match for him.

  5. Living With Funny

    S1/E4: Fat Romance

    Erik has his critical mom come to town without telling his wife! Coco and Caro try to get DeRay to lose weight for a role. Denise and Brandon go to Georgia and Michael's anniversary dinner so Brandon can pick up some hot romance moves.

  6. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E13: Open Your Heart

  7. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E14: Michael's Tribe

  8. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E15: Blackout

  9. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E16: Man Of The Year

  10. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E17: Jr.'s Risky Business: Part 1

  11. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E18: Jr.'s Risky Business: Part 2

  12. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E19: Jury Duty

  13. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E20: Here Come Da Judge

  14. Don't Be Tardy

    S4/E1: On The Move

  15. Don't Be Tardy

    S4/E2: 18 And Out

  16. Don't Be Tardy

    S4/E3: Destin-ation Unknown

  17. Don't Be Tardy

    S4/E4: The Love Gurus

  18. Don't Be Tardy

    S4/E5: Kim's Roots

  19. Don't Be Tardy

    S4/E6: The Kim's Speech

  20. Don't Be Tardy

    S4/E7: The Biermann Carnival

  21. Don't Be Tardy

    S4/E8: That's Not Healthy

    Tracey reveals all the questionable ingredients that can sneak into some of her favorite foods while Kim agrees to plant an organic garden. Kim isn't the only one doing something against her will though as Shun's list of things she's looking for in a man has Kim concerned. Kim decides to set Shun up with her trainer and drags Kroy along to help chaperone.

  22. Don't Be Tardy

    S4/E9: Moving On, Moving Out

    New graduate Brielle has been so focused on moving to LA with Slade that she has failed to mention some surprising news to Kim and Kroy about her plans for college. Tracey reveals she is newly single and much to Kim's dismay, ready to mingle.

  23. The Oxygen Movie

    Ever After: A Cinderella Story

  24. The Oxygen Movie


  25. The Oxygen Movie


  26. Thursday, May 5

  27. The Oxygen Movie

    Ever After: A Cinderella Story

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