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Schedule for 2016-08-29

  1. House

    S3/E19: Act Your Age

  2. Sisterhood of Hip Hop None of Your Business

    S3/EP6: None of Your Business


    Siya’s family visits, and pressures her to reconnect with her father. It’s Diamond clothing line debut, but after her fight with Audra the other girls aren’t sure if they’ll go. Audra explores a romance with an old friend. Episode 306

  3. Snapped Shelia Eddy

    S18/EP1: Shelia Eddy


    A family searches for a missing teen only to find out she’s been betrayed by her closest friends. Episode 1801

  4. Killer Couples

    S8/E4: Peggy Thomas & Jim Huden

    A Las Vegas red haired siren and her millionaire boyfriend become suspects in a murder, hundreds of miles away.

  5. Snapped Ajelina Lewis

    S18/EP2: Ajelina Lewis


    When a young father is murdered, suspicion turns to his child’s mother, but was his death a drug hit as she claimed or was it a more personal vendetta? Episode 1802

  6. Snapped Carol Kopenkoskey

    S18/EP3: Carol Kopenkoskey


    A 39-year marriage ends in a brutal death, revealing a surprising tale of adultery and murder. Episode 1803

  7. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E7: Bind, Torture, Kill

    A killer terrorizes Wichita, Kansas, preying on random people and families, tying them up, and strangling them. But then the killer goes quiet. When he resurfaces decades later, police find a way to lure him to reveal his identity - and it's a man no one suspected.

  8. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E8: The Ghost Of Baton Rouge

    When a series of women are murdered in Baton Rouge, police draw a profile and begin DNA testing a segment of the city's population - white men. But when one victim survives, she tells detectives they're on the wrong trail. The killer isn't white.

  9. Snapped

    S18/E4: Cold Cases

    A Snapped Special Episode: Two cases gone cold leave the victim's families wondering if they will ever see justice.

  10. Policewomen Files

    S1/E8: Cabbie Killer

    The brutal murder of two taxi drivers in two days has Austin cabbies fearing for their lives and police are under mounting public pressure to track down the killer.

  11. The Oxygen Movie

    Waiting To Exhale

  12. The Oxygen Movie

    The Wedding Planner

  13. The Oxygen Movie

    First Wives Club

  14. The Oxygen Movie

    The Wedding Planner

  15. Tuesday, August 30

  16. The Oxygen Movie

    First Wives Club

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