Tuesday Dec 23, 2014>
06:00 AMWhy Do Fools Fall in LoveWhy Do Fools Fall in LoveTVR
07:58 AMMy Wife and KidsCandy WarsTVPG
08:30 AMMy Wife and KidsJr. Sells His CarTVPG
09:00 AMMy Wife and KidsThe Anniversary PresentTVPG
09:30 AMMy Wife and KidsIllegal SmileTVPG
10:00 AMMy Wife and KidsOutbreak MonkeyTVPG
10:30 AMMy Wife and KidsEmpty NestTVPG
11:00 AMMy Wife and KidsEmpty NestTVPG
11:30 AMMy Wife and KidsCalvin Comes to StayTVPG
12:00 PMFix My ChoirA Perfect StormTVPG
01:00 PMBad Girls ClubSo SocialTV14
02:00 PMBad Girls ClubSo SocialTV14
03:00 PMMy Crazy LoveNoah/BethTVPG
03:30 PMMy Crazy LoveJasmine and CherylTVPG
04:00 PMBad Girls ClubSo SocialTV14
05:00 PMBad Girls ClubSo SocialTV14
06:00 PMMy Crazy LoveErin/JeffTVPG
06:30 PMMy Crazy LoveTina and AdrienneTVPG
07:00 PMBad Girls ClubSo SocialTV14
08:00 PMBad Girls ClubReunion Part 2TV14
09:00 PMMy Crazy LoveAndrea and Calvin
09:30 PMBad Girls ClubReunion Part 2TV14
10:30 PMBad Girls ClubReunion Part 2TV14
11:30 PMMy Crazy LoveBetsy and MikeTVPG
12:00 AMMy Crazy LoveLeigh Anne and KaraTVPG
12:30 AMMy Crazy LoveWalki/KatieTVPG
01:00 AMSoul PlaneSoul PlaneTVR
03:00 AMPaid ProgrammingPaid Programming
03:30 AMTotal Gym for $14.95Total Gym for $14.95
04:00 AMHow to Look Younger Than EverLook Younger Than Ever: It's Science, Not Magic
04:30 AMSalon Nails in MinutesSalon Nails in Minutes
05:00 AMTommie CopperTommie Copper
05:30 AMSlimming Jeggings-Get Two FREESlimming Jeggings - Get Two FREE!