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Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Chris Saint

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'Tattoos After Dark' Will Return in May....

This guy wants a Jesus punk rock tattoo, natch.

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These kids are running from the law!

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Stop everything! Disco Dolly needs a tattoo NOW!

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This couple (of 3 months!) wants matching tats.

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Pretty girl wants a piercing!

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Heroin Bob (the cat) gets a b-day present: his face tattooed on "mom's" arm.

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Q&A with the Guy with the Bat Face Tattoo: Apparently, Women Love It

Drunk lady wants a tattoo of her boyfriend!

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Hey Asaru!

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Cute kitty bathroom selfie!

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Christine puts the rest of our selfies to shame.

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Quiz! Name That Celebrity Piercing


10 Most Regrettable Celebrity Tattoos

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'Tattoos After Dark' Premieres Wednesday, January 1 at 11/10c!

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Joe Jersey Meinwieser

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Christine Barnum

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Asaru Mushavu

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Justin Coppolino

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Friday Jones

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Taylor Graaf

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Angel Bazzar Garcia

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Chris Saint

Chris Saint            (@saintpiercing)

Born and raised in England, Chris moved to Hollywood in 2007 to restart his piercing career. With more than eight years of experience, Chris considers himself on the cutting edge of the piercing industry. He splits his time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and is always trying to reach new heights through his work. One of the most straight-laced of the bunch, he is professional with his clients and takes great pride in his work. An expert in his field, Chris focuses on precision, creativity and presentation. 

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