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10 Steps to Achieving Lydia's "Natural Glam" Look

(Click here to read Jasen Kaplan's celebrity-packed bio!)

Working with Lydia has been such a huge pleasure. l have been working as Lydia's makeup artist for years -- I’ve traveled around the world transforming her face for runway shows, editorial shoots, movies and red carpets. But my favorite look to do on Lydia is what l got to do for this season of The Face! We called it "natural glam,” and it was literally just enhancing her natural beauty every day! Nothing heavy, and very easy to recreate by getting a few simple products.

1. You need a good cleanser and an amazing moisturizer (even oily skin needs moisture! ln fact sometimes the skin is overcompensating for lack of moisture by producing extra oil!)




2. You also need the right color and formula foundation. Your foundation should ALWAYS match your skin, neck and chest! There is nothing worse than a disconnected looking face. Use bronze and contour only in the right spots! Don’t use your foundation to change your face color.




3. Brushes are KEY to beautiful makeup! l always use a foundation brush. A nice fluffy one does a better job, and l enjoy the one made by Dior. Shadow brushes can be found by most companies, but l prefer natural hairs. And remember, these tools could last forever if you care for them well. They are an investment, so don’t cheap out. 




4. This season in makeup it's all about making skin luminous and dewy but not greasy. To achieve this, you should make sure the skin is healthy and moisturized and glowing in all the right spots. l always use Lancome's Genefique Serum. Then, Kiehls ultra facial cream with intense hydration. lf you have extra dry skin, add ONE DROP of Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil to your moisturizer. 




5. After the skin is prepped, use a great luminizing primer like Dior's Luminizing Maximizer. My two favorite foundations for a healthy looking skin would be Chanel's Lumiere Foundation and Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint! 


6. Always use two colors: one for highlight and one for contour. Use the skin matching foundation all over your face,  and 1.5 shades darker to contour under cheek bones, around your hair line, and a touch under the chin. l always use Bobbi Brown Bisque correctors under the eyes to correct dark circles.




7. One important step to perfecting your complexion is to set your foundation. l ALWAYS use Dior Skin loose powder. lts my favorite formula. Get a nice clean fluffy powder brush tap the excess product into the brush by banging the handle  lightly onto the counter and then gently buff the powder into the skin!




 8.  lt’s important to use a good eye shadow base. We kept Lydia's eye very simple yet defined. Use either a creamy water proof pencil, or a cream product first. This holds your shadow into place and it prevents creasing throughout the day. On Lydia, l used the Make Up For Ever Aqua Pencil. 




9. Also, remember to define your lashes! Using a dark brown or black waterproof liner on the upper, inner rim of the eye (right at the lash base) makes lashes look thicker, fuller and longer! lt takes some practice, but hold a mirror under your face looking down into it. Hold your lid up, and then define your lash line that way!




10. Use the right bronzer. l like to use a matte bronzer, because the part of your face where you apply bronzer is not where you want to be luminous. A shimmery blush is perfect on the apple of the cheek, and a luminizing highlighter on the cheekbone -- because that's where you want to shine!




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