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How to Look Like Anne V (Hint: Never Break a Sweat!)

It felt like 105 degrees. New York in September with 100% humidity. In the middle of Manhattan in Bryant Park with camera crews, TV producers, model contestants, hair, makeup, stylists, on-lookers and supermodels. It was our first day of 28 days of filming The Face. The pressure was on. In this business, you're only as good as your last lash.  

Although I have known Anne V for years, it had been a while since we had worked together. Everyone who has worked with the Russian supermodel beauty will tell you she is as nice of a person as there is. I knew that first hand, but I still wanted to impress her and start the first day of filming with a bang!

I don't come from the world of film and TV. My training and career are in fashion. The days in TV production are LONG (up to 19 hour days) and the continuity in hair and makeup is crucial. Preserving continuity is tedious and boring. My makeup work is spontaneous!  

There are many challenges for a makeup artist when shooting a reality TV show. The first challenge is the varying lighting situation. The same makeup can look MAJOR in the exquisitely lit elimination room, and SCARY in the model contestant bedroom. There can be up to 10 different lighting situations in any episode, and as a makeup artist, it can drive you crazy. Another important factor with TV is available time for touch-ups. This ride is happening in real time, and leaves you little to no time to fix the makeup. On a fashion set, the makeup can easily be touched up:  a makeup look may not have to last for more than a few shots. The makeup can be wet or smudgy and that's okay. But when shooting TV, eyeshadow bleeding down the eye can only be fixed when the director allows. Therefore, it is very important for your makeup to have staying power. 


Working with Anne V is always a true gift, both visually and emotionally. She is one of the most beautiful women ever created. The challenge when working with such a stunning girl is not to diminish her beauty! Not to say we didn't really do some makeup. I gave her as much of a look as possible for each wardrobe and scenario. You can really play and do some advanced looks like strong brow/no brow, smoky eye, bold lip or nude makeup, it all works!  With the trust and encouragement from Anne, I was able to perform some of my best work. She gives 100 percent of herself in the makeup chair. She is open to new ideas and she helps foster the creative process. 

It became very clear from the first day of filming that Anne and our team were going to be able to play with different looks.  Hair and makeup were always based around the clothes. Anne, hair stylist Bryce Scarlett and myself always discussed the beauty look, starting from pictures of her outfits. Any normal person would go crazy listening to us ramble on at lengths about every aspect of her look!

On the first day of the shoot, the three models mentors Anne, Naomi and Lydia were all wearing in black Dolce & Gabbana. Anne wore a long sleeve sheer lace dress. I wanted the makeup to complement the romantic sophisticated look, yet not be too dark and serious. I based the makeup around a poppy bold lip. A strong mouth would give some visual interest to the makeup, and be just the right amount of drama while staying sophisticated and elegant.  

Luckily, I was reminded about one of Anne's many "rarities" on that blistering hot September day in Bryant Park: Anne does not sweat! It is remarkable and great for filming, as you don't need to constantly powder her.

The Look Breakdown  


1. First I prepped Anne's skin with Hourglass Vail Mineral primer.

2. I started by applying a sheer amount of foundation with a damp Beauty Blender sponge.  Anne has great skin and adorable freckles that I like to show through.

3. Because the lips were to be the main focus, I kept a light touch on the eyes. After curling her lashes, I applied a brown and gold flecked cream eye shadow over the entire lid. Then I lined her top lash line using a brown pencil eyeliner from Giorgio Armani #12. Followed by a coat of black mascara from Great Lash by Maybelline. 

4. The star product of the day was Mac Lip Pigment in Red. It is a densely pigmented burst of lip color.  It is great because it delivers a matte bold color and lasts for hours. Against Anne's skin tone it swayed to a more Orangey/Red hue.

5. A light touch of Nars blush in Dolce Vita on the apple of the cheek and the look was complete. 

(Check out Quinn's Instagram and Twitter for more adventures in makeup!)

[Photos: Oxygen Media/Tim Brown]

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