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The Face Episode 5 Recap: Is Naomi Campbell Starting To Get Anne-V-Ous?

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The Face Episode 5 Recap: Is Naomi Campbell Starting To Get Anne-V-Ous?

Welcome back to the Official Recaps of The Face Season 2: Naomi Campbell Can't Catch A Break. Last week, Anne V eliminated Alana off of Naomi's team, and as this week begins, Naomi is furious about the elimination. Naomi points out that Lydia's team hasn't even won a challenge and yet she still has three girls. Anne defends keeping Allison by saying: "For the first time in this competition, this girl actually spoke!" She may not be a lock to win The Face, but she would be guaranteed a Top 3 in the following reality show:


 "Allison is a good model," Anne continues. "She's a good walker.” And we find another reality competition Allison would kill on:


Anne tells Allison “I better not ever see you in that room again.” Pause for LOLs guys, because we’ve got 40 minutes until we find out if Allison ends up in that room again. (She does.) (Retroactive spoilzy alert!)

Nigel Barker meets the girls in an abandoned warehouse to tell them about this week’s challenge: Making a viral video. But what is a viral video? I'm glad you asked, my Grandmother who died 10 years ago! Nigel tells us that viral videos are when fans "share video content with their friends through social media in order to generate buzz." My Grandmother just gave a thumbs up from heaven. I think we can move on now.

Each team will shoot a 30-second viral video campaign for German accessory label Liebeskind. The head of the brand tells the girls they're looking for something rebellious. Someone with edge. Each girl will perform a dance and then toss the bag off camera, so that after editing, it's a seamless video with bags being tossed between our dancing models. Afiya checks in with Felisa.




Someone who does have some rhythm is Nigel, who gives us this little move:

Once Nigel stops this lil' hoedown, he introduces famous model Karen Elson, who will help coach the girls through rehearsals. 


But off to rehearsals! You know, of all the models on Team Anne, Khadisha is the last person I’d think would be THAT girl from theater camp. And yet, judging by her dance moves, she just stole the lead role from you with zero remorse:

Over on Team Naomi, Afiya has put together a choreography routine straight out of the Will Ferrell Spartan Cheerleader Handbook. But because Felisa has no rhythm at all Afiya is actually the best dancer on her team. They are doomed. Naomi realizes that if Felisa is eliminated, she’ll be down to only one girl, and then will basically be off the show entirely. Felisa takes the news well:


Lydia Hearst’s girls aren’t so bad, except for Allison, who is having difficulty following the moves. That could be because she lacks rhythm, or because she is trying to dance in snug Daisy Dukes. She might be ok in that, but for most of us it would be a one-way ticket to:


The correct way to hold a purse for this campaign, according to Karen Elson, is to hold it, toss it over your shoulder, and pout at the camera. I actually tried this maneuver at CVS earlier today, and wouldn’t you know it? They let me sign up for their exclusive Member Rewards Club for FREE. Karen is really onto something with this one.

But for now, Karen's words can only do so much. Because Team Lydia's routine needs help.

Meanwhile, Team Anne is getting along famously and their choreography game is tight. Sure, Khadisha is not perfect, but it's their challenge to lose. Karen's only advice for them is to catch the bag elegantly and not like it's full of French cruellers (how I catch all my bags.)

And it's time for the video shoot!! Anne's team is up first. Sharon is great, upbeat and on point. Even Naomi from a rival team is not immune to her dance charms:


As per usual, Tiana is flaw-free. She's like a robot who was programmed not to eff up on these challenges. Khadisha, however, is still operating on the Windows 95 of Dance Moves, and it shows. She is catching the bag without issue, but her dancing feels a bit stiff and unnatural. Anne, meanwhile, has gone full Toddlers In Tiaras mom, miming Khadisha's moves from behind the camera:


Some mistakes, sure, but overall a fine job.

Lydia tells us she's got this in the bag. Only her team forgot to catch that bag, and now the bag she has it in is on the floor and filthy dirty. Their routine is less "rebellious" and more "I Dream of Jeannie." Amanda does a fine job, albeit with low energy. For god's sake, even the opposing team leaders have Lydia's routine down better than Team Lydia itself.


But oh, poor Allison.  She looks like a newborn baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time in this video.


Team Naomi is last. Given that they're down to two girls, they actually have more work to do than the other teams of three. Things start off on the wrong foot uhliteruhlyyy:


You know, Afiya actually has the rebellious Bronx thing down… or at least she does, until she smiles. Her smile is honestly so sweet and child-like, there is just nothing rebellious about it at all:


Felisa is next, and gets hit in the face with a Liebeskind bag:

If that isn't viral, what is? Seriously, what better way to represent the show The Face than to take one IN the face for the team? Felisa should actually be awarded bonus points in my book.

The videos are now done and it's JUDGEMENT TIME. And there to judge is Nathalie Sears, the President of Liebeskind North America, who is looking for a viral video that represents her brand's rebellious image. "I'm looking for my rebel," she reiterates. Stop the challenge, I think I found the viral video she's looking for:


Team Anne's viral vid is first. Sharon opens it and is by far the most natural and energetic dancer.


Anne's team is great. Naomi is up next, and with only two girls, this video already felt less dynamic than the others. What also didn't help them is that Felisa and Afiya kept their expressions clocked in at youthful enthusiasm… not exactly rebellious. Nathalie feels like Naomi's video is a little too cheerleadery, and Naomi is like "Oh really? Just wait."

In Team Lydia's video it looks like everyone just rolled out of bed and could barely muster up the energy to perform. Then again, if that's not rebellious, what is? Amanda barely had the energy to catch the bags, and Allison is clocking in at Weekend At Bernie's levels of enthusiasm. (She's Bernie.)


Lydia tells us she is cringing watching the video of her girls, and it's like Hey Lydia:


Unsurprisingly, Team Anne wins this challenge again, and even more exciting, Sharon is picked as the winner! She is, understandably, stoked:


Sharon will travel to Europe for the very first time, specifically Berlin, to be the star of Liebeskind’s Lookbook. It's an awesome prize and well-deserved.

Also well-deserved? Allison getting nominated again. Let's face it, Lydia had no choice putting her up, and given that she fought so hard to stay in the Model Loft last week, she could have at least pretended to care about this video. Naomi doesn’t have too many choices for elimination this week, and has no choice but to put Felisa up.

It's up to Anne to eliminate a girl for the third time in as many weeks, and she finally gives Naomi a break. While we go through the motions of the girls fighting for their lives, it's pretty much a done deal. Allison is taken out behind the shed and put out of her misery, like Seabiscuit only with thinner legs.


Allison felt that the last two video challenges didn't work in her favor, and she has a point. Anyway, good luck to her but girl, if you're reading this: Throw those shorts out!

Next week, tensions in the model loft shift and suddenly Anne V is schooling Lydia. And the girls go full Ellen Selfie and dress in man drag. But most important of all… RUPAUL IS HERE!!!! ~Living Legend~ Til then! xo

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