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Tiana Zarlin, The face

Tiana: I Did NOT Expect to Win!

Alana Wins 'The Face' Fan Favorite!

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Nigel: "All Three Girls Looked Breathtaking"

Lydia: "Ray Is on the Cusp of Greatness"

The Face Finale Recap: The Winner Is Fekkai Fabulous!

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Anne V: 'The Face' Changed My Life

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Did the Right Girl Win 'The Face'? Vote in the Poll!

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'The Face' Episode 9 Recap: Face To The Finish

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Nigel: It's All Up to Frederic Fekkai Now!

Lydia: Ray Should Have Won this Week

Anne V: It's Terrible That Felisa Quit!

Felisa and Ray

Vote: Should Felisa Have Fought to Stay?

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The Face Episode 8 Recap: Diamonds are a Model's Best Enemy

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Susie Says: These Boots Were NOT Made for Walkin'

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Lydia Hearst: The Competition is Between the Mentors, Too

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Nigel: It's Anybody's Competition Now

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Anne V: I Have a Bone to Pick With Lydia Hearst

Tiana Amanda 208 Elimination

Amanda vs. Tiana: Who Would You Eliminate?

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Rooftop Shots: Afiya Bennett (11 PHOTOS)

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'The Face' Episode 7 Recap: The Models Bare Their Souls (And Asses)

Lydia Hearst, The Face

Lydia: "It's About Time Team Lydia Won!"

Nigel Barker

Nigel: In Fashion, Sex Sells

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Anne V: I Disagree With Eliminating the Strongest Models

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Felisa vs. Sharon: Who Would You Eliminate?

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'The Face' Episode 6 Recap: Our Little Models Are Finally Becoming Men!

It's Rupaul!

Episode 6 Highlights: Man Up, Modeltestants! (PHOTOS)

Amanda vs. Khadisha: Who Would You Eliminate?

Nigel: Wearing a Suit Doesn't Make You a Man

Anne V: Khadisha Is a Great Model But She Bombed Every Challenge

The Face Episode 5 Recap: Is Naomi Campbell Starting To Get Anne-V-Ous?

Anne V: I Hate to Boast, But My Team is Kicking Ass!!!!

Allison vs. Felisa: Who Would You Eliminate?

Allison isn't thrilled about the dance challenge.

Episode 5 Highlights: Dance, Modeltestants, Dance! (PHOTOS)

Lydia: "I'm Done Nurturing"

Nigel: Allison's Lack of Confidence Got Her Eliminated

'The Face' Turns Into a FACE OFF Between Naomi Campbell And Anne V

Allison Millar. (Photo: Zev Schmitz for Oxygen)

Rooftop Shots: Allison Millar (20 PHOTOS!)

'The Face' Episode 4 Recap: And the Oscar Goes To... No One

Anne V: Allison Looks Like a Big-Time Model. Now, Can She Act Like One?

Alana vs. Allison: Who Would You Eliminate?

The Face's Ultimate Guide to Makeup

"It takes a village..." is one of our mottos for season 2 of The Face. Meaning: the show's huge crew is all working together to mentor ultra-promising young models so that one becomes the next omnipresent face of fashion. And despite toiling behind the scenes, the all-star makeup artists of The Face play a pivotal part in that process.

The team includes Jasen Kaplan (working with Lydia Hearst), who has collaborated with heavyweight designers like Marc Jacobs and counts Eva Longoria and Sharon Stone among his celebrity clients. It also includes Quinn Murphy, who works with Anne V and celebs like Mariah Carey and Anne Hathaway. And then there's Renee Garnes, who not only does makeup for NAOMI CAMPBELL but also Kate Moss, Rita Ora and others. In short, this is The Glam Squad Dream Team. See their tips below and follow The Face on Facebook all season long for more.

Always remember: Natural during the day, sexy at night.

Lose the powder blush & go for tinted lip balm.

Matte lipsticks always last longer!

ALWAYS set your under eye concealer.

Step back & get perspective while applying makeup.

Try dark brown mascara for a more natural look.

Look bright & alert by curling your lashes.

Deep shadows on a nude base color gives an airbrush effect!

Use less foundation by applying concealer first.

Mascara, Lipstick, Concealer, One shadow, Brow pencil. Done.

Alleviate redness, prep brows with ice before plucking.

To add an instant glow to your look, use cream blush.

Test foundation on your body, not the back of your hand.

Boring outfit? A red lip will spice anything up.

Lipstick tip: Apply one coat, blot with tissue & reapply.

Moisturized lips hold color longer & are a smother canvas.

Blush Tip: Orange tints on darker tones warm up the skin!

If you have red undertones stay away from red toned blush.

Make lashes look lush by lining the upper-inner lash line.

Highlights to the browbone are outdated and distracting.

Starting with stain to give lips an lNVlNClBLE color base.

Liquid highlighter on your cheekbones = Instant supermodel.

On yellow undertones a rosy blush gives skin more warmth.

Get the perfect cat eye by using a liquid eye liner pen.

If your makeup hasn't changed in years, update it.

To set makeup use a translucent powder. Too much blush?

Use a bit of foundation and blend away.

Do eye makeup 1st, clean up, then apply foundation 2nd.


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