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The Guncles on Episode 3: Secrets of the Baby Bump

The Guncles on Episode 9: And Baby Makes Five

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James on Episode 6: The Pregnancy Police

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The Guncles on Episode 6: The Pregnancy Police

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Mehran on Episode 4: Not the Whole sTORI

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Holiday Out Loud: Feather Headband

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Holiday Out Loud: Handmade Glass Ornaments

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Holiday Out Loud: Chicken Nugget Snowmen

Bill and Scout, aka The Guncles, have been friends with Tori & Dean for many years.

The Guncles on Episode 2: Party 911

Biggest pet peeve? People who think its ok to eat onions with their lunches in the middle of the work day and grammar mistakes.

Mehran on Episode 1: Taking InvenTORI

Biggest pet peeve? People who think its ok to eat onions with their lunches in the middle of the work day and grammar mistakes.

Mehran's Intro Blog

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Holiday Out Loud: Spiced Pomegranate Sipper

Dean didnt expect the Guncles to ask him and Tori to be the baby's godparents. They're honored!

The Guncles on Episode 1: Taking InvenTORI

Favorite movie? Heathers, Moonstruck

James' Intro Blog

How did you meet Tori & Dean?Bill: I met Tori on a work trip to Turks & Caico's. The company I worked for represented the resort and had hosted a big trip with celebrities.Scout: I met Tori through Bill shortly after we started dating.

The Guncles Intro Blog

Welcome Hattie Margaret McDermott!

Baby #3 On The Way for Tori and Dean!

And then he upgrades it to the real ring.

I'm Getting Married Again!

Liam loves his new bed!

It's been 4 amazing years!

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Tori remembered why she fell in love with Dean.

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I loved surprising Tori with the kids at Chateau LaRue.

Dean agrees to Tori's dance class challenge.

We both accomplished our goals.

Mehran holds a quick Little Maven business meeting during Tori's haircut.

It got our adrenaline going.

Now it's time for Liam's first haircut ever!

A monkey grows up.

Look at this awesome cape that Tori made for the birthday superhero!

Tori knocked it out of the park.

Some even clap and dance along!

This year's birthday was a total success.

Tori helps Liam pick out his favorite cupcakes for his party.

He loved everything his mom did.


I thought she was going to kill me!


Love is the ultimate dream.


Brandy's wedding was amazing.


Perfection runs in this group!


Im really proud of how we handled it.


Sometimes you need things to shake you up.


She has a habit of taking on too much.


Toris a very hard worker.

Uncle Mehri has to go to work and leave the three of them alone in the house with the "spirits".

My energy had just felt depleted lately.

The gang talks to Dean on the phone from NYC.

I was definitely feeling different energies.

In New York, Dean makes several public appearances!

Tori has Mehran and us to help her out.


We will all miss you Uncle Danny!

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Im really saddened by Uncle Dannys passing.

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Tori goes all out when throwing a party for her beloved husband.

The Guncles on Episode 3: Secrets of the Baby Bump

We've heard about the antique fair from our cousin for a few years now and every time it's mentioned the first person who came to mind was Tori. We know how she loves to shop and she’s never met a swap meet, flea market, antique store or fair she didn’t like. We've literally been driving down a road and she’s made us do a U-turn to go back to an antique shop many a time. Plus, we always have a great time traveling with Tori, Dean and the kids. Although we enjoyed last year’s road trip, it was nice to travel by plane to Texas! Our favorite part of the trip was spending time together staying at the ranch. We're big on experiencing different hotels, B&B's...and now we can add ranch's to our list. After my glorious 1-2 seconds on the bucking bronco I can say with certainty that I'll NEVER try riding one again. Unless it's for charity! However, the BBQ was amazing! We especially loved the warm corn dish. It wasn't traditional creamed corn, but kinda like a creamed corn and corn pudding hybrid. Whatever it was, it was delicious. When finding stuff while shopping isn't going our way, we never panic. We rely on our instincts and everything (almost) always works out. Wherever we find ourselves shopping with Tori, we normally in the end always wind up with great finds. We have many MANY years of successful antique-ing trips under our belts! Our home is filled with great finds from trips with her!! As for Dean surprising Tori with a new chicken and goat, Dean has always been such a sweet guy and he was correct in thinking his wife needed a little pick me up. We've watched her get hounded every time about being pregnant and it must get really old. As for us getting farm animals... never say never, right? The Guncle family may just end up with a few farm animals of our own!!!!! As Liam, Stella & Simone grow older together we look forward to the many exciting years ahead and to the new baby's arrival. Also, we continue to think if we'll start the adoption process again and if so..... WHEN ;-)

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