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Would you like to learn how to pole dance?Yea! Who knows? I could use this skill to potentially woo my next great love.
Ever been to an adult store?Yes, who hasn't? I kinda feel like a kid in an ADULT candy store. Hey, cherry flavored mmm...
Ever bought something from an adult store?If I told you I might have to kill you.
Ever played strip poker?No I'm terrible at poker period. Everyone would know who the first person naked would be and I'm not going to take the chance, but I'll watch.
Ever gone skinny dipping?Um, can't say that I have. I live on the lake I don't want fish nibbling on places that they aren't suppose too. Eek!

Kissed someone of the same sex?Yes I have and to quote Katy Perry "I kissed a girl and I liked it."
Sex in the morning, afternoon, or night?I enjoy it when I'm in the mood for it. It could be morning, afternoon or night. It just depends on the day. Sometimes I like it at night just so I don't have to see their face... HA!
Are you dominant or submissive?I like it when they are dominant. A man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid of going after it turns me on. I hope they like a little bit of a fight too 'cause I might give them one.
What is the weirdest place you've had sex?No comment. I have a younger brother and sister, and I'd rather not get ridiculed for it.
Ever been to a strip club?Yes and it was interesting needless to say.

Called someone the wrong name during sex?Yes I have and it was mortifying, I felt like crawling under a big heavy rock and hoping no one would find me.
Do you believe in make-up sex?No I do not because I am never wrong. But I do believe in make up gifts :)
Ever had a one-night stand?Yes hasn't everyone?
Has anyone ever used alcohol to lower your resistance?No because I'm smart, and I would never put myself in that position.
Ever used alcohol to lower someone's resistance?Yes, that's because I really wanted some (I will not say what) but I got it needless to say, and I am not ashamed because of it.

Ever been cheated on?Yes, sh*t sucks.
Ever cheated on someone?Yes, cause obviously YOU weren't filling my needs and wants. We had a problem.

Feeling Sexy
What food do you eat to feel sexy?Sushi, there is something about it being raw that turns me on. Not to mention I think eating sushi proves that you are daring and kinda living on the edge. Not all people are open on trying new things let alone eating something that could have been swimming that morning.
What food do you use on someone to feel sexy?Bananas, they're long and yummy. Do I really need to paint you a picture?
What beauty products do you use to feel sexy?Oil of Olay, and MAC Makeup all the way baby. They're hypo-allergenic, do not test on animals, and not to mention you can recycle their products. GO GREEN!
What do you wear to make you feel sexy?Nighttime - Dress and heels or boots. Daytime - a pair of converse and jeans. Man, be comfy! If you're not then how are you going to be confident? And the sexiest thing on a woman I think is her confidence.
What song(s) do you listen to make you feel sexy?Anything by Maroon 5 or Jason Mraz.
Who's in your celebrity top 5?1. Dirk Norwitzki 2. Jason Mraz 3.James Mcavoy 4.Johnny Depp (of course) 5.Matt Ryan (he lives in ATL, of course!)

Are you a lightweight?No, but I think everyone would say yes! I call it wishful thinking that I am not a lightweight.
How many drinks til your drunk?That's information that someone can use against me. Let's just say I can count on one hand.
What is your favorite beer?Blue Moon with an orange.
What is your favorite mixed drink?Ketel One OJ or Ketel One Redbull.
What is your favorite shot?B52

Do prefer to drink alone or socially?Socially, I once heard that if you drink alone that is a sign of a alcoholic. I'll let you know if I'm there or not..
Ever passed out from drinking?No not randomly, but yes when I get home and get in bed.
Ever thrown up from drinking?YES! I don't want to wake up with a hangover.
Ever been carried by someone else because of your drunkenness?Yes on a cruise ship. I didn't know if it was me swaying or the boat but, I will totally blame it on the boat..
Ever carried someone because of their drunkenness?Carried, dragged, pulled, etc. I think they all fall in the same category. It's hard to carry someone when you have had some to drink too.

Have You Ever Had Sex...
On a kitchen table?No.
In the rain?No.
In a police car?HAHA, and get a ticket? NO!
In front of a video camera?No, one word "Blackmail" and I'm not keen for it.
In a public place?No.

Over a sink?Yes, had to grab on to something.
In a car?Yes.
In a theater?No, I'm not creating another movie for all to watch.
With the same sex?No.
On the first date?Yes, and then I felt like I had a stalker.
On the beach?No, I don't want sand in all the wrong places. Ick!

Pick One
Lights on or off?Off sometimes. I just don't want to see your face that's all, and I'm only being honest.
Pink or Black?Black.
Sweet or Spicy?Sweet.
Lace or Leather?Leather!! YEA!!
Hugs or Kisses?Kisses.

Fast or Slow?Slow.
Hard or Soft?Hard.
Give or Receive?Duh, receive! Not that hard of a question.
Love or Lust?Love.

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