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In Oxygen's new original reality series, Coolio's Rules, Coolio shows how he's gone from rap daddy to big daddy, raising six kids on his own while juggling his music career, fledging catering business, and a new lady love. We interviewed Coolio about reality shows, teenagers, and women -- here's a peek at what he said.

Question 1: What have you been up to for the past 5-6 years?

I've been working and touring for two or three records, mostly in Europe. I've become a chef and spent time working on parenting skills.

Question 2: What made you decide you wanted to do a reality show?

I didn't really decide -- my agent came to me and thought that I'd be a perfect candidate for doing a reality show. I went to my kids and they were gung-ho about it. I still have a lot of reservations about doing a reality show; I don't know how to fake it. I don't know how to be fake. Everything that you see on my reality show is mostly my real personality. There have only been a few times so far that I could actually feel the cameras. You have to forget the cameras are there in order to be real.

Question 3: Tell us about your kids.

My kids are all different, and there's a funny thing about parenting. With old-school parenting, you treated all kids the same, everybody was the same and you raised them all the same way. That's why you have some kids that did well, and some kids that didn't do so well. Though I still have that problem, my parenting skills are tailor-made to each individual child. So I try to gauge what their feeling, what the day is and what their perspectives are on certain things, and I've tried to tailor-make my parenting skills to fit their needs.

Question 4: What's the hardest part about raising teenagers?

For me, it's all the back-talking. I'm not used to kids talking back to me. I'm used to being obeyed instantly and it doesn't happen.

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