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Coolio's Rules

Episode 2

"Looking for Love"
Coolio recently broke up with his serious girlfriend, Mary. He and his kids are feeling her absence, and Coolio is ready to get back into the dating scene. But when he sets up a hot blind date at home, Coolio learns that trying to get romantic in a house full of kids isn't so easy. Coolio continues his quest for romance, hitting on a photographer's assistant and models during a photo shoot. He strikes out until he hits the clubs with his cousin Jarez, where he finally meets a gorgeous new girl, Laura. Meanwhile, Coolio struggles to deal with his daughters. They won't keep the house clean, which frustrates him, but he can't stay mad because it's Brandi's birthday. As a prank, Coolio pretends to steal the "bucket" car he bought for his daughters so he can get it painted as a gift for Brandi. But when he stages a rehearsal dinner for his upcoming first catering event, his girls bail on him - which is very frustrating. In the end, he realizes that raising girls is a lot harder than he ever imagined.

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Bonus Act
Uh oh! Artis spent all the money for Brandi's birthday day cake.
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Sneak Peek
When Coolio quickly learns that preparing for a party is not as easy as he thought.
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Artisha's Blog
"OMG when I first realized the CMR was missing I was in shock. I honestly didn't believe anyone would want it. "
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Episode 2 Recap

Coolio dates, Brandi celebrates, and the girls get punked!
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Go Brandi! It's your birthday!

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Artisha, Brandi, and Jackie have their own unique style. Check out their cutest outfits.
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