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Episode 8 - Pilar Modeling Agency/Back to School

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It was great watching Pilar put the runway show together this week. And I like that Deiondra wanted to be involved in something Pilar cared so much about. I was glad to see that, when asked, she agree to be a part of it. She wasn’t hesitant, she really wanted to. I mean, she knows she’s not a model, but she wanted to be involved with something Pilar was doing, and it was something they could do together.

I’m so proud of Pilar for her modeling agency because she finished it. I’m all about finishing. Don’t start anything and don’t finish. I don’t play that. I hate that. You’re going to start something, then see it through. So I’m happy she saw it through, and she finished it. I knew she could, but it was amazing, and she put it together expeditiously. It was quick. And I like that.

While Pilar was hard at work putting the show together, I got a little extra time with the kids, which was great. It's always great. I find my time with my kids rewarding. I coach all their teams, I drive them back and forth to school. I hear things, and we communicate. I’m very upfront and honest and straightforward with my kids, so we have a good time together. And they’re used to having me there. So, it’s very rewarding, just the communication that comes with being together.

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