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Celebrity Parenting Tips

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Celebrity parenting is the same as regular parenting.  There’s nothing celebrity about it!  These general rules apply universally:

  • Pray because you can’t do it all by yourself. As intelligent as you are, please accept that you do not have all the answers. However, your creator does!
  • Install Godly morals and values at a young age
  • Lead by example and follow through!  Following-through is a must!
  • Meet and hang out with your children’s friends. Understand the problems, personalities and possibilities that are most influential in their lives when you aren’t around
  • Be very careful who’s around or looking after your children.
  • Create memories. Make big deals out of talk time, daddy time, mommy time, and family time. Whatever time you have, label it and make it a “special time” that all of you can look forward to.
  • Listen!  Very important! 
  • Keep an open line of communication that will allow them to talk to you about anything in the world. If they can’t talk to you they will find someone to talk to who may ill-advised them.
  • Every parent and child combo is different. Treat each child as an individual; remember not one person was created alike. 
  • There is no perfect parenting guide. Everyone makes mistakes, so be forgiving! Forgive yourself as well as your children for messing up. It’s going to happen, just learn from it when it does.

Let’s face it…for those of you who are parents, every formula is going to be different when it comes to raising children, parenting is a forever leaning process.   Celebrity or not, it’s all the same when you look at it!  However, what you expose your children to may be the deciding factor of what potential road they travel.  Read More


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