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Sorin and I have a love/hate relationship

Just his name alone, Kehoe, makes me laugh! He might be the most obnoxious human being I've ever met but I can't help but love him and so I was happy to have him in the house. Although, I saw some things I really would have preferred never to see... like waking up in the morning to his bare a$$ diving in the pool or my favorite would be the time I ran into him coming out of the bathroom with a hard on... like really?!?! So not okay.

But I'm very laid back and always find the humor in him because let’s face it, the kid is hilarious... in that ridiculously annoying I can't stand you type of way! Kehoe is that type of extreme personality that there is no in between with, either you like him or you don't. Unfortunately most of the new models couldn't stand him, never mind living under the same roof! So there was a lot of drama, as always.

After all this time I've been in the agency with Sorin, it wasn't until living in the house that I got to actually know him. I think we bonded a lot since we both have been with the agency for so long and us veterans have to stick together!

We created a little a little love hate relationship. I'm an easy target to pick on so he took advantage of that but I had fun with it. And I must say he gives a damn good massage -- which is exactly what you need when living in all that chaos! So, needless to say, I enjoyed it! We got along very well but underneath the tough-guy act Sorin is just a big dork like me! I never laughed as much as I did during those few weeks! Time of my life!



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