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House full of hormones

I Can't Take any More Kehoe!

Talk about some drama at the model house. These kids are worse than "Gossip Girl". I think we should can the agency and do the show like a soap opera. Kehoe and Traci can be our “Dan and Serena.”

Every thing was fabulous about the TINte shoot. The girls looked amazing and the pictures were outstanding. So Kehoe showed up... so what? He's a menace and should be treated like one. Let him go have a spin off on someone else's coattails. I'm through talking about him.

You know in my day I was the face of every makeup line you could think of at one point or another. Nothing beats that feeling. Xian was the perfect choice and I know Crystal’s day will come soon. She is just about there... just a few more steps. And Nadia has to stop blaming others for why she didn't get a job. Sometimes you’re just not right for the job, girl. Get over it.

Having Savvy with me was a treat, but getting her to show you how uneducated most models -- or in this case, my models -- are was the true purpose of that little brain tease. Now Chandler did prove he was as smart as an eighth grader but that's really not that impressive for a 20-year-old boy. That’s why I always say education first!

Now as far as all the love connections we had going on, I have one thing to say about that...if they got their minds off their wangs and hoo-has, maybe I would have working models instead of a house full of hormones.

Xian can do better than Chandler. Honey, I had my share of male models but you just have to have a one-night-only agreement. Even waking up next to one is too much.

Payton made a real splash with the Ed Hardy people. Too bad they had to put that sex crazed Traci in the shoot. First it was Nathan, then Kehoe, now Payton and poor Paul. The woman's like a cat in heat! Just take your top off and be the prop that they wanted you to be. No one cares about how horny it makes you.

Paul, well what can you say? He's short. He is pushing it by saying he’s 5'11 but we love the guy and so will someone with small clothes. In this industry if you’re short, and have a nice butt you’re a shoe-in for a Bruce Weber job if nothing else.

Finally, I must close by saying does anybody ever wonder why I am surrounded by a bunch of airheads? I mean if Polina and Maurice had a child I think it would be born two chromosomes short of a really stupid child. I'm not saying disabled. I'm saying unable to… well you got the picture.

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