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The hot tub scenes were too hot & heavy for cable TV

There was tons of drama on the show, but the things you didn't see were even more juicy. Aside from me lashing out on Sorin, they also forgot to include the more outrageous moments like Janice emptying our trash on the kitchen floor, her dramatic retina incident, the many pranks that were played at night, and I'm assuming the hot tub scenes were too hot and heavy for cable TV.

I have grown so much through the show and have learned to open up a lot more since my shy beginnings. I miss living in the house with all of the models! Janice has helped me to have confidence in my aspirations and I have met good friends through the agency. I don't have any favorites, but I always call Xian and Hazuki if I'm trying to party.

Recently, school at USC has been kicking my a$$! It interferes a lot with modeling, but I've been finding a way around it. I am very self-motivated and I'm looking forward to some great bookings in the future. So Janice, I'll see you in New York!



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