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How to Use Dumbells to Tone Your Back

The exercise we're going to focus on is one of my favorite back exercises and can compliment the first chest exercise if you work both muscle groups in on the same day. Otherwise the first exercise will be great for work out 1, and this you can do for a good start on day 2. This is the single arm dumbbell row and trust me it works!

You want to start off on a flat bench with one dumbbell on the ground. The weight will vary for each person, but you probably want to start with a relatively low weight and begin with 12-15 reps. Again as you progress you will probably want to decrease the reps so that you can increase the weight.

If you're beginning with your right side, you want your right foot planted on the ground for support and your left knee on the bench. You want your left hand planted on the bench for support and your right hand is going to pick up the dumbbell while keeping your back flat and almost parallel to the ground.

Pull your elbow straight back and bring the dumbbell to your armpit while keeping the rest of your body as still as you can, then extend your arm back down to the starting straight position. After your first set, do the same thing with your other side and you probably want to repeat for 3-4 sets.

Additional Tip: Keep your core very tight and flexed while performing this exercise for maximum effect and core benefit. And be sure to let me know what you think and send me your comments. Stay tuned and I'll talk to you all soon! ;)



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