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Just like any girl, I love a good kiss

Mr. Kehoe, we are always on the subject of his antics.... but honestly, he's a good guy behind the camera. The character he plays is only a molecule in the real person, I wouldn't really say he is someone I would date, but he's a good friend.

I'm not a picky girl when it comes to boys, but I know what I like. :) Confidence is definitely first above all things, a confident person can make anyone fall in love. I love a guy that can make me laugh without trying hard, a boy who can keep up with my friends' and my insane personalities. And, just like any girl, I love a good kiss. Speaking of kiss...

Chandler and I finally made out haha! It was weird. I wasn't expecting him to really kiss me! I thought I would at MOST get a peck, but the Maness had other plans. After my cheeks stopped burning, we returned back to the crew and EVERYONE could tell what had happened by the look on my face. Haha... oh man. I guess I'm not that good at the "kiss and don't tell" thing.



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