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17 of The Most Ridiculous "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

There's a thin line between sexy and stupid.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to look hot on Halloween. Mean Girls said it best: October 31st is pretty much the only time of the year when women can dress super sexy and no one can slut-shame them for it. That's all good. But come on -- there's sexy, and then there's just stupid. Here are 17 of the most ridiculous "sexy" Halloween costumes the internet has to offer.

1. Sexy Donald Trump

There is nothing sexy about Donald Trump, and there never will be.

2. Sexy Pizza Rat

Whose idea was it to turn one of the year's most disgusting internet sensations into a sexy Halloween costume again?

3. Sexy Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown should never be your inspiration for a sexy Halloween costume.

4. Sexy Carrot

Now you're literally just putting the word sexy in front of random other words and making costumes out of it.

5. Sexy Mickey Mouse

This is just strange.

6. Sexy Taco

Yes, this is stupid, but, in a way, I'm not even mad at this one. If you've ever been hungry at 3am, then you know tacos can be hella sexy.

7. Sexy Baby

What. Is. Wrong. With. You????

8. Cecil The Lion

It's like you're just trying to piss people off.

9. Sexy Werewolf

...But why, though?

10. Sexy Corn

This is one I will never understand.

11. Sexy Peanut

In case your boyfriend has a thing for Mr. Peanut, I guess?

12. Sexy Watermelon

Who's even thinking about watermelon in October, anyway?

13. Sexy Lobster

In case you don't want to be a random sexy food, you can now be a random sexy animal.

14. Sexy Oompa Loompa

A sexy oompa loompa? I've officially seen it all.

15. Sexy Winnie The Pooh

You know, in case you wanted to ruin some childhoods.

16. Sexy Yoda

Why does this exist? Yoda has to be one of the least sexy fictional characters ever.

17. Sexy Ronald McDonald

Is nothing sacred? I can never look at a Happy Meal the same way again.

Need help from real experts? We asked Comic-Con cosplayers about their Halloween costume tips! 

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