Foxy Brown Went From Praising Nicki Minaj To Shading Lil Kim In One Post

I guess when you beef with Brown Fox, you beef foreverrrr...

Foxy Brown isn't one to hold her tongue...or her Instagram fingers back. Like the rest of the world, Brown was elated to see Nicki Minaj fall to her knees out of love and respect for Lauryn Hill, but she had some additional words that caused a few eyebrows to furrow.

The first meeting of Nicki and Lauryn was particularly a powerful moment, given the criticism Nicki often receives about not paying homage to female rappers who came before her. That issue actually transitioned into a beef with Lil' Kim, who has been considered a direct precursor Nicki. Well, Foxy Brown was thinking about that too, and she had a lot to say about it.

"I Laugh When They Say She Never Gives It Up To The 'GREATS' Cuz She's Humbly Bowed To Both #LBOOGIE (My Fav) & #FOXBOOGIE Publicly!" she captioned about Nicki showing love to herself and Hill. "Maybe Y'all Mad B*tches Just Aren't Who She Considers "The Bar" (FB Lingo lol). *FYI: Nic Clearly Knows I'd Never Thro My "WO" On No Collabo Wit Less Than Greatness Tho!"


It's pretty clear she's talking about Lil' Kim... and we all know there's a response lurking around somewhere. Brown and Kim have been feuding for almost two decades now! Should we be exhausted grateful for the consistent entertainment? Time will tell. Stay tuned.

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