Obamacare Repeal Will Probably End Free Birth Control

by Sowmya Krishnamurthy
January 13, 2017 • 12:20 PM ET
The Republicans have started the process to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, and women's health is on the chopping block. According to Mother Jones,  Republicans have already rejected an amendment to cover the full cost of...
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Over-The-Counter Birth Control May Be A Real Thing Soon

by Jazzi Johnson
January 5, 2017 • 2:49 PM ET
With all of the drama surrounding women's rights in America right now, this is a surprising, welcome news. A company named HRA Pharma is reportedly partnering with healthcare giant Ibis Reproductive Health to create a birth control pill that is...
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New Study Shows Most Low-Wage Workers Are Women

by Eric Shorey
December 29, 2016 • 11:16 AM ET
Low-wage workers have been striving for better treatment and better pay under Barack Obama's administration, but it's looking like a lot of their efforts will be trounced by Donald Trump. With all the disussions about people working at...
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Ariana Grande Pops Off On Male Fan Who Objectified Her

by Eric Shorey
December 28, 2016 • 10:45 AM ET
Ariana Grande is a busy lady and she does not have time for your chauvinistic bullcrap. After one male fan crossed a line, Grande popped off on social media to let everyone know that sexism and objectifying women is not OK.  Grande...
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