Quit Your Day Job

Here's How to *Actually* Quit Your Day Job

by Lane Florsheim
March 30, 2016 • 12:38 PM ET
(Editor's note: This article is among a series related to Quit Your Day Job from our partner site Marie Claire. Above photo: Getty) Randi Zuckerberg The founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media is also the best-selling author of Dot Complicated:...
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8 Things You Didn't Know Were Invented By Women

by Sharon Lynn Pruitt
March 15, 2016 • 3:23 PM ET
The next time you throw your dirty plates in the dishwasher or play a rousing game of monopoly, it's a woman you should thank for making it all possible. Women inventors have been leaving their marks on the world since the beginning of time, even...
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