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Confession: I Love Guys In Gray Sweatpants And Here's Why

It's springtime, just sayin.

Time and time again, I’ve found myself explaining the necessary art of dudes in gray sweats. For male-loving people, it is the single greatest present that spring has to offer. But why?

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In truth, there’s really no science to it (if there is, I'm switching careers). Let me begin with the design. Gray sweatpants are usually loose-fitting and relaxed. A confident, athletic, funny, chill man is a beautiful sight to see.

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The color gray in itself is known to be neutral and balanced. It is the color of sophistication -- and nothing says sophisticated quite like a selfie in the bathroom. I see you, "accidental" sag. 


They leave the perfect amount of space for mystery, but if you want to creep, you can see some goods too.


Plus, you only need six of those $10 ones and you've got a week's worth. Cheapest. Fetish. Ever.

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Got it? Good. Let's get ready for springtime. 

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