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This Guy Is Officially The Most Handsome Man In The World

Wait until you see what he USED to look like. 

Rohit Khandelwal went from a pleasantly plump computer support specialist to a super ripped, epically thirsted man.

The 27-year-old is the first Asian man to ever receive the esteemed title of Mister World 2016, having competed against men from Mexico, Puerto-Rico, Nigeria, Argentina, Greece, USA, and more. And it wasn't an easy feat.


Rohit wasn't always as popular as he is now. Before he was crowned "Mr. India," he spent years transforming his lifestyle from unkempt to super healthy and sweltering hot. Now having amassed over 225k followers and counting, he's more than just his looks. 

First, he gained his popularity at home in India. After obtaining the lifestyle change he intended for himself, he (obviously) went on to puruse his heart's desires: to be a model, television personality, and actor.

In addition to officially being the best-looking man on Earth, he was also granted the Mr. World Mutimedia Award. It all makes sense when you take a look at his Instagram.

You're welcome.


He was even so kind to bless us with Mr. Nigeria.


Watching him perform his workout routine is um... necessary.


Just look at how enticing he makes reading look. He does it for the kids.


I can't imagine what a sweeter dream could look like, can you?

[Photos: Instagram]


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