Was Kanye's Latest Rant Actually About Drake?

I mean, the evidence is there...

We all know that Kanye likes to express himself. He's known to go so far off that sometimes he even ends up apologizing days after. Well, when he recently expressed himself on his Saint Pablo tour in Edmonton, Canada, many got the impression that his choice of words was directed towards Drake.

While performing "Freestyle 4," Kanye began to rant about younger artists in the music industry who not only look up to him, but tend to rip off his ideas on the regular.

"This the original," he said. "Accept no imitations. You with the rap god right now. N---s be copying my sh*t bruh. Stealin’ our sh*t, stealin’ our stages. Copying our sh*t one-to-one.”

Many believed that Kanye was speaking about Drake, who recently debuted a floating stage of his own during his Summer Sixteen tour. 

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TMZ says the rant actually wasn't about anyone in particular, and was just another case of "'Ye being 'Ye." There are sources that claim that it was all in fun to get the crowd pumped up, and that Kanye has nothing against Drake.

In fact, it seems that the two are still slated for a joint album together, so hopefully they'll get along. 

Maybe Kanye will lay off of the angry rants altogether, since his hit single "Father, Stretch My Hands" just became number one on Urban Radio. Keep up the good energy, 'Ye!

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