My sexless lover, Natasha, came to me and asked that I do a "Diva Intervention" on those two honeys.Ronnie on Dianne's date: COUGAR GONE BAD!!! All the advice I gave her prior to the date, she didnt listen to... I told her to be sassy, sexy, and discreet... Dianne was instructed by me to NOT talk about work, NOR the... "imperfections" that her date Jerry may have.... And yet she did! How completely inappropriate! If I were Jerry, I'd never talk to her again!!! But I digress... Although I lost the bet with Dr. Lee for having smoother skin being Dr Lee for a day was actually fun, although the wig was extremely hot to wear all day! What you didnt see was behind the scenes, Natasha and I actually went to Dr Lee's personal hairdresser, who also sells wigs, to ensure I'd have the EXACT "Dr Gilbert" look! It was so much fun to make Shannyn, Mel, and Dr. Lee himself laugh! Although I'd still LOVE to see Dr. Lee with MY HAIR!!! I feel another wager coming really soon!!! Even though that was fun, the drama continues... Dianne and Shannyn are STILL b*tching at each other, and we as a staff CANNOT take it anymore!!! My sexless lover, Natasha, came to me and asked that I do a "Diva Intervention" on those two honeys. See, Tash has this way of always getting what she wants, so I obliged. I sat Dianne and Shannyn down, and tried to mediate them, as a good co-worker would do. I just want everybody to get along! Believe me, it was NOT an easy challenge!!! What you saw was just a sample of what went on, and the mediation even included those two starting a pillow fight that I had to break up!!! Immature! But all is well that ends well, and I think that things will start to calm down now that Dianne and Shannyn have calmed down themselves, and theyre both on the same page at least I hope so... Much Love,Ronnie

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