Deep in my heart I knew it was coming.

By permanenteditor

I have really given this partnership with Dianne my best effort. When she said she was bringing her very best team with her, I didnt realize that none of them got along. Melanie sent them to boot camp to try to get them to bond together. My attempt was a bit more subtle, to invite them over for lunch. Sometimes breaking bread together makes for a more cohesive team.Regarding revenue, Melanie reviewed the finances with me regarding the performance of Dianne and the medical spa business. Deep in my heart I knew it was coming, but denial is a strong influence. I was speechless and stunned to see in black and white that the money Diannes team was bringing in was not enough to support all the extra mouths. So what are we doing all this for? Am I to continue subsidizing their beauty treatments? Even nice guys have their limits.

I believe in giving people second (and sometimes third) chances. So when I heard about the financial numbers, I asked Dianne and her team to give one last "heave ho" to put together a business presentation that would dazzle me. At the very least put together something that would give me hope! Well the presentation lacked data, credibility, and substance. Hmmm, I see a pattern here. Time to make a big change...When I heard about Natasha being fired I was saddened, but I wasnt all that surprised. There had been a lot of friction between Dianne and Natasha, and a lot of Natashas behavior was insubordinate. You have to respect the person signing your paycheck, or you may be biting the hand that feeds you, literally.

All in all, the decision to merge with Dianne was a great learning experience for me. I believe the concept is good, but Dianne was not in a place in her life where she could put all her focus into this endeavor. This, in combination with a tough economic climate, made this business a tough go. I have taken the concept of our medical spa and kept the dream alive. Only we are doing it our way-- with Melanie and I running the show. There is a lot less drama, which makes it really nice for my team and my patients. I still love DYG, Shannyn, Ronnie, Gary, and Natasha, but Diannes business model just didnt work well.

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