Dianne is turning their office upside down.

I have never heard of a boss ever getting bent out of shape for not being invited to an employees house. You didnt see Dr. Lee or Mel getting upset for not being invited. I am very close to my family and always share stories with Ronnie, Shannyn and Gary and they wanted to meet my family. Dianne has never expressed that she was interested in meeting my family. My family is everything to me and I am not going to bring someone to family dinner who may start finding faults in their appearances and telling them what they need. Dianne would be shown the door quickly!! I saved her from any embarrassing moments. When Dianne told me not to go to the VIP Pajama Party I was upset because she was acting like a child but on the other hand there are so many other things I would rather be doing than spending my free time at her house. She could have handled the situation a little differentlylike one on one in her office. But Dianne likes to belittle her employees in front of one another. After Dianne had pushed me over the edge I went straight to Dr. Lees office. Dr. Lee and Mel did try to calm me down but I also believe that Dianne is turning their office upside down and does not know how to be respectful to her employees.

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