Dianne is unprofessional

By permanenteditor
Dianne decided to critique her staff this week, myself included, as to how we should look better -- by her standards. First of all, Dianne is the LAST person I want advice from on my appearance. Second, if she would like to enforce a dress code that would be fine. However to pull each person aside and tell them how we need to be just to suit her is very unprofessional! I realize that there are many people who would not choose to have any work done on themselves. I respect that. I would NEVER walk up to a person and tell them what they should do, so I feel better looking at them! B*TCH! I was hired by Dianne to raise revenue, not to be eye candy in the office. She seems to keep forgetting the goal. I know I was personally offended as was the rest of the staff. That said, I have to say I only inject my lips to cover the gaps in my teeth...and my lips do look a little ridiculous at this point. The truth is, she is right, as far as my teeth go. As much as I am terrified of dentists, I think it's just time I go address the real problem. And that is my teeth. I would love to stop injecting my naturally huge lips, just to cover up insecurity. Dentist...here I come!!!!!!
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