Enjoy your new youth Linda!

This week I had the privilege of treating Gary's mother, Linda. She is a really nice, warm and compassionate person who works as a psychotherapist. Dinners at Garys house must have been very interesting. Linda has been bothered for quite some time by her sagging jaw line and neck. I performed a full facial rejuvenation on Linda. The key to achieving a natural result is to do a little bit of work in a number of areas, without overdoing any one area. For Linda, I did a face and necklift, neck liposuction, upper and lower eyelid tuck (blepharoplasty), fat injections to the eyelids, lips and around the mouth to treat some hollowness from aging, and a dermabrasion around the mouth to get rid of the lines/wrinkles. I took fat from her abdomen, purified it and then used it for the fat grafting procedure. I knew from the start that she would do well with her procedure and I could visualize her result as I did my consultation with her. This type of procedure is among my favorite operations because there is such a sense of gratification when I restore someones youthful face. Enjoy your new youth Linda!

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