Hanging out with the staff was a lot of fun.

By permanenteditor
This week, I decided Dr. Lee really needed to step up his image if he wanted to position himself as a leader in the industry. And, what better place to start than his office? So, I called in one of my friends who is one of the leading interior designers in San Diego. She brought some great ideas to the table. Although I knew his office really needed the "facelift", I really wasn't expecting Dr. Lee to agree to the transformation so easily! The staff and I really had a lot of fun doing the redecorating. We all went shopping for the new furniture. Even though we didn't all totally agree on what to purchase, I think we still worked very well together to achieve our goal with such a tight timeline (always is the case). The office turned out to be gorgeous! This week the entire staff also got together with some of our friends and went out for some drinks to relax and unwind. Hanging out with the staff was a lot of fun. It was shocking to see how down to earth Dr. Lee actually is when he is away from work. He knows how to cut loose, and did I mention...that man can ride a bull, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
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