I don't think Dr. Lee and I have a choice.

I have never witnessed such immature behavior in the work place. I think they all need to go back to kindergarten and learn how to play nice!I dont think Dr. Lee and I have a choice but to step in and take control of the situation, I dont know what the solution is but we will think of something. If our staff continues to witness this type of behavior I dont know what kind of long term affect it will have on them. The fighting is constant and tiresome! The only person that doesnt fight in the office is Ronnie and I thank him for that. I have had a really hard time dealing with the fighting and then I over heard Gary calling Natasha a (Bitchy Whore) for what reason I dont know. The really funny part is that you cant approach Dianne about it because she is fighting with everyone too, especially Natasha!!! I sense a pattern here with a certain someone. So where does that leave Dr. Lee and I??

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