I feel very lucky to have him in my life.

Every girl hopes to find a man that can love her unconditionally and still give her butterflies after times goes by! I met that person. Chris is someone that I have known since high school and due to this wonderful invention called the internet we reconnected and I am now like a school girl with her first crush. It is so refreshing to have someone in my life that makes me smile so much but still puts me in my place when need to.cause we all need that at times! (wink) Before Chris I never dated anyone that kept me on my toes like he does...and I love that. I have someone in my life that I adore and it just adds so much to my life. Not to mention he makes me feel so beautiful even when I'm hanging out in my sweats, no makeup and hair in a ponytail. I can really be myself around Chris. I feel very lucky to have him in my life. In the midst of meeting such a great person, Dr. Lee has named me the face of Changes. Dr. Lee has been working on his skin care line for over 2 years now and this line is his pride and joy. I am so honored he has chosen me to represent it. I am very excited for the photo shoot and hope the pictures are exactly what he wants. I cant wait to see the finished product!

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