I have lots of responsibilities at Changes.

As Dianne Yorks executive assistant I wear many hats at Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa. There is not anything Dianne does not expect me to do. I usually start my mornings off by checking my emails, phone messages and updating the daily calendar. It is my job to keep Dianne up on her schedule and on time. I oversee and organize execution of event development for local events and ensure adequate staffing. I update and maintain information on all marketing contacts, handle mailing of letters, forms, and collateral materials, as appropriate in response to clients' needs. I assist in the development of marketing brochures, advertisements and program related press releases. I also step in for the other staff members when needed.Thank goodness I have Ronnie. He is my lil buddy at work. When Dianne is being a "handful" I always have him to talk to and calm me down. We spend a lot of girl time gossiping and him treating me like his little doll -- doing my makeup and hair. The hardest person to interact with in the office is Gary. Giving Gary a task to do is like teaching a preschooler. You have to be really patient and have to repeat yourself over and over again. Sometimes it is just easier to do the job myself. Dianne can also be difficult to work with because she has a tendency to not follow her schedule which can cause a lot of conflict. Shannyn and I get a long very well and respect each other, we don't really get in each other's way. She does her job and I do mine! It makes life so much easier!

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