I just don't want Dr. Lee and Mel to find out!!

I dont remember babysitter in my job description! When I first started working for Dianne I dont recall having to cover for her as much as I do now. Dianne was far more focused on her business when I first started as her assistant. Every morning I brief her on her schedule: meetings, phone calls you name it, she is informed. There is never a reason for her to miss a meeting. When Dianne does miss an important meeting or phone call she always finds a reason to blame me. Many people ask why I continue to cover for her The reason is: I just dont want Dr. Lee and Mel to find out!! I never want them to find out the CEO who has promised to turn their medical practice around is only focused on herself and divorce. How would they be able to trust her if she cant even be present for a meeting?? As an assistant yes it is my job to make sure she is aware of all meetings but when she just disappears without telling anyone and then doesnt answer my call to find out where she disappeared toUGHwhat to do?!! You see me calling Dianne on your caller ID, stop ignoring the call! I didnt know babysitter was in my job description. So I will continue to cover for her as long as it saves OUR jobs!!

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