I wouldn't call this the smoothest of beginnings.

Dianne brought me aboard to help with the staff she hired at Changes Plastic Surgery. According to Dianne, the staff is not performing well and does not have any clear goals or objectives. It is not unreasonable to see how the staff can feel a bit aimless when their director, Dianne, is distracted with events, charity work and now her divorce -- which takes up most of her time. I know that I can help Dianne with getting the staff organized and efficient. Although, I do face certain challenges. I know that Ronnie is working for her now. Ronnie and I have worked together before in the WORST of circumstances. I know we are going to have work to do to in order to re-build our relationship. Natasha likes to delegate more than she likes to work. And, I know the tension between Dianne and Natasha is high, so getting those two to work together will also be a challenge. Gary is very outspoken about that which he is passionate. I am hoping this bodes well in Dr. Lee's office. I wouldn't call this the smoothest of beginnings, but I am not one to turn away from a good challenge.

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