I'm not going to apologize for what I said.

By permanenteditor
I dont know why people think its such a big deal that I called Natasha a b*tchy whore. First of all, I tell it like it is and secondly, have you not seen the show? She was being mean to me and I defended myself. Whats wrong with that? Looking back, Im not going to apologize for what I said. How can I be sorry for calling Natasha out on her actions? If you act like a female dog, I am going to bark back b*tch. Woof baby! Please, dont think you can walk all over me like one of your man-boys. Love you, MUAH! Dianne, I love you! You stand up for you and me. I mean, Natasha is your assistant and instead of being an ass-in-an-instant she needs to back you up and be your executive or find another job. I feel like Natasha should have just put on her happy face and get over it. Suck it up with those big fat lips of yours and come out to play. We swear we wont bite -- unless you want us to. I know there is something in you that will make us love you besides your pretty face and huge knockers.
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