I'm not surprised Natasha was fired.

By permanenteditor

Our roles at the party didn't change much when Natasha wasn't there. I mean, Natasha may think she structures the staff, but when she's gone we all still do our jobs. The only difference is we can do our jobs without feeling the wrath of all mighty "Ah-Satan" (Natasha backwards) breathing down our necks. I already have one mother, girl! What the hell am I going to do with 50 mascaras? I don't go through that much freaking makeup. It's all too easy to pick on the nice young guy! Being blamed for the 50 missing mascara's was just an easy way out for the actual person responsible for losing them. Being a younger brother I know all too well how the blame game is played. (But between you and me, I was the one who stole my mommys mascara.) I'm not surprised Natasha was fired. If you are not the boss you need to learn to keep those two fat lips closed and use them for kissing up! It's okay to challenge the boss, but you HAVE to respect the boss. I know she hated Dianne and couldn't stand her at all so if Diane didn't fired her, she would have quit anyway. I wish you all the best Natasha! Sometimes I think you were the way you were because you just hated where you were. After hearing all the naughty or nice comments at the dinner in La Jolla, I can safely say everyone is one crazy b*tch themselves, not just Natasha.

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