It is NOT ok to demean your boss.

Since Natasha didn't show up for the VIP pajama party, I ended up helping serve the food and attempting to eliminate any chaos. It was a fabulous party and everyone had a great time. We didn't miss Natasha one bit! I discovered that once I removed the drama queen, a.k.a Natasha, everything flowed well and better in the end.The day before the party I found out that Natasha, Ronnie and Gary had not invited anyone to the party. They were secretly trying to sabotage me and they wanted the party to fail. Shannyn and I ended up getting on the phone to call and invite guests. The party was a huge success thanks to Shannyn and me. Ultimately, it made me realize who was on my side--who was a true team player and who wasn't.I'm insulted that Natasha, Ronnie and Gary think that I have taken their ideas and never gave them any recognition. Throughout the past nine years I have implemented a rewards program and given the staff hundreds of thousands of dollars, trips, jewelry, vacations, and many other incentives to reward exceptional productivity. When you do exceptional work for me you will be rewarded. When you demean me, talk behind my back, roll your eyes at me, and cause drama at the work environment you will not be rewarded --you will be replaced.

I think the number one thing I look for in my employees is that they need to be team players! I respect all those who strive to achieve a common goal of team playing. When one decides to divide the team, we encounter problems and do not reach the success we should be able to achieve as a team. I truly appreciate all my staff and what they do for our common goals.Believe it or not dinner was still quite enjoyable even after the naughty and nice comments that were read. I'm all about constructive criticism. I take it head on instead of sulking about it.I decided to fire Natasha because she's not a team player; she is a back stabber and not a strong businesswoman. Natasha says she wants to be taken seriously as a strong businesswoman, but yet she uses the "F" word in public. Then the whole office can hear her throwing temper tantrums. Natasha is going to need to learn how to control her temper in future jobs because needs a major attitude adjustment.Natasha is going to have a lot of competition looking for a job. If she is looking for a recommendation from me-- forget it! It is NOT ok to demean your boss. Natasha needs to learn to respect her future bosses.

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