It was fun after such a hellacious week.

So how much fun was it to get Dr Lee out of the office and out of his "Dr. Lee clothes"??? Too much fun! And him riding the mechanical bull... was... PRICELESS!!! It was fun to get everyone together after such a hellacious week in the office, but I wish that Tash couldve been there... At the "Office Outing" I divulged some information about my life, and what life was like in Ohio. So, here it goes:I was engaged to a girl (more technically pre-engaged) as a teenager. We were desperate to stay in touch after she moved miles away from me, and it seemed like the best solution. Plus, if you live in Ohio, getting engaged at an early age is the thing to do... SORRY OHIOAN'S, but it's true!!! Needless to say, it didn't work out. Years later I came out, and so did she... We are both happy now and talk at least once a week. I was a cheerleader in high school, but not at MY high school. The President of the school board, a grown man, petitioned to get me off the roster to even TRY OUT at my high school, stating no guy would be a cheerleader while he was president, and even threatened the Cheerleading advisor if I made it. But that didn't stop me! I STILL tried out! I also have cheered for a gay cheer leading squad here in San Diego for a few years. I loved it, and consider cheerleading a sport! I also told everyone that I have a "mole" actually tattooed on my face. "Why would anyone do that?", you may ask, so now I'll tell you. Years ago when I started out as a makeup artist working in a major retail store, I befriended a beautifu. She would draw a mole on her face every day, and I thought it was HOT!!! So I started drawing a mole on myself also. Once I started working for Dianne a few years back, we offered permanent makeup. So, instead of drawing it on every day, I just had our permanent makeup artist tattoo it on! And I'm so glad I did. I love it! Some people get their moles taken off, I get them tattooed on

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