I've realized I need to let go of the past.

By permanenteditor
Assimilating back into the dating pool hasnt exactly been like riding a bike. It has been over 11 years since I dated and I realized I needed to fine tune my old dating skills a bit. I decided I wanted to meet new people and have fun and not focus on looking for my next serious relationship. I want to take my time and just have fun with it! Ive realized I need to let go of the past and be happy with my life as it is and to just be myself. What I realized from my date with Jerry is that I had forgotten how nice and considerate a man (a gentleman, really) can be towards a woman. My blind date with Jerry confirmed that I had indeed done the right thing by divorcing my husband. What has surprised me with the dating world is I forgot just how fun flirting can be! Going forward with the whole dating scene Im going to be sure to not box myself in and have a certain type. Im going to step outside my head and broaden my horizons and see where it takes me.
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