Job description: Help your boss get ready for a date

Shannyn and Dianne should check their personal drama at the door.I find it so amazing that the CEO and Spa Manager would air their dirty laundry in front of their staff. They should keep it behind closed doors or betteryou live together so duke it out there. Dianne technically is Shannyns boss but due to the fact that Dianne shows no leadership, Shannyn steps in. If Dianne showed some leadership and acted like the CEO I dont think there would be a power struggle. Everyone in the company would know their place! Dianne has only caused disorder amongst her staff and Shannyn. I never thought my job description would be help your boss get ready for a date. The reason for setting Dianne up waswell I figured if she got some lovin she wouldnt be such a raging b*tch. I was doing it for everyone at Changes. I could tell Dianne was really nervous because she asked a million questions like a school girl going on her first date. It was nice to see Dianne vulnerable for a quick minute. Dianne hasnt been on a date in a long time so the only advice I could give her was smile, keep good conversation and have fun..LOTS OF FUN! I also made sure she wore a killer black dress. I should have reminded her not to pick on your dates flaws!

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