My secret to being fabulous

My secret to being fabulous is to always smile even if you are not feeling your best. Of course I am the most fabulous in the office!! Ronnie has many styles: preppy, edgy and I have even seen him pull of the California beach boy look. When Im not in the office I love to cook and bake. I also love spending time with my family and friends and just laughing. I believe common sense is important to get through life. Being just book smart or the most beautiful person is not going to get you far! Id ABSOLUTELY describe myself as a drama queen! Im not afraid to admit I can be a lil dramatic at timesI have a big personality. My smile is the most important part of my body! I take good care of my whole body but I take extra good care of my face (skin). Ashlee Simpsons rhinoplasty was fabulous and did wonders for her! It changed her whole look. Victoria Beckham needs to replace her implants with smaller ones that fit her skinny body. They look like two round cantaloupes; its not very flattering. I would want to look like Salma Hayek because she is just so beautiful and stunning! Since Tom Brady is taken Chris Pine is a cutie!!

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