Now I feel less inhibited to show my smile.

By permanenteditor
This week I had my teeth done. I am soooooooooooooooooo happy. It's odd though. I really don't know how this will effect me. I mean, I know that I like how I look with veneers, but how significant will it be as to who I am? I don't have any grasp of how to answer that question. Will this really change my life? Will I be more confident? I just don't know. I think people have thought of me as being unfriendly because I wouldn't smile. Now I feel less inhibited to show my smile. So, everyone might think I am happier, in a better mood and maybe even think I am a nice person. What? Did I just say that? Yes, I really am a nice person! This experience has really made me realize how much insecurities hold us back in life. It's almost sad that I would prevent myself from smiling or showing much emotion when I spoke just because I didn't want my teeth to show. In return, people just thought I was rude. In retrospect, I've learned it's much better to face your insecurities head on! Here is what I do know - I am so excited that I no longer need to use injectibles to fill my lips and cover my teeth. It will take about 8 more months for the filler to leave my lips and I CAN'T wait to see how I will look! But right now, I am VERY happy!
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