Right now I feel wonderful and confident without my husband.

Right now I feel wonderful and confident without my husband. I feel like screaming, I am woman hear me roar! And many times I really do say this daily affirmation aloud in the mirror to pump myself up and to get the day started on the right foot. I dont want to sugarcoat things though. There are times when life post-divorce is a difficult, sad, and lonely roller coaster BUT Ive decided to take these negative emotions and spin them into a positive. Ive decided to focus on the elements of my life that I can change and control which has lead me to a feeling of empowerment. Instead of letting my life hit rock bottom I decided to take this challenge in my life and to rebuild and begin again. I decided this is the perfect time to reinvent myself and to evaluate what I want my life to be like and to develop a strategy to get there. For me I decided to take on a new business venture and so all my energy and focus has gone into this. It really has been the best medicine for me. All of my past business successes have been because of menot because of a man or a husband so this time in my life is no different. Im going to dive in and see what the world holds for me. Theres a great quote Eleanor Roosevelt said: "no-one can make you feel inferior without your consent". I try to remember this on daily basis and it gets me through each day.

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