The drama is killing me.

By permanenteditor
While Melanie and I were in a meeting, there was a ruckus in the lobby. Natasha rushed into my office. I asked what happened. During a meeting between Dianne and her staff, a fight broke out. Natasha was done. She had it with Dianne. She was bailing on the party that night. Because the event was that very night, I asked Natasha to let level heads prevail. Take a big breath, and please help with the event. Please do it for me, I asked. With a healthy dose of Chinese guilt laid on her (ala Joy Luck Club). While I personally like all of Diannes staff members, the drama is killing me. I have a quiet, efficient office that focuses only on great patient care. Since the arrival of Dianne and her team, we have had nothing but constant distraction, drama, and in-fighting. Im trying to create a viable and professional medical spa, but Im not sure that concept has sunk in all the way with Diannes team. I am a patient man with great commitment, but even my patience is wearing thin
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