The reality is that you are judged by how you look.

Look -- I know Im getting a lot of flack for meeting with each of my employees to discuss their appearances, but the fact is that looks do matter in business, especially in the medispa industry! To put it simply, I truly believe that appearance is your visual resume. It can open doors for you and also close doors for you. Should you be judged by what you wear or how you look? Perhaps not, but the reality is that you are judged by how you look. Before you speak a word, your appearance has already spoken volumes. In this line of work, my staff and I are the productwe are the sales force advertising the product. I met one-on-one with each of my employees to discuss the areas I felt they could improve on because I really care about each of my employees. I did this to not hurt their self-esteem, but to build it. What would have been unprofessional is if I targeted them in front of a group. I think Shannyn took it the worst when I asked her to fix her teeth, but I guarantee she is thanking me now for being honest and forthright with her. As for Gary, lots of companies have dress codes. Why is this any different? And for Ronnie and Natasha sure, you have the right to show up at the office with your chest hanging out, with pajamas on or with hot pink hair, but Im not the only business owner out there asking their employees to look a certain way at work. I know lots of top businesses that have asked their employees to tone it down or to look a certain way during the business hours such as asking the full-sleeved tattooed employee to wear a long-sleeve shirt to work or asking the woman with all of the piercings on her face to remove them during the work day. All Im asking is during the work day when you are on the clock and on my dime, please respect the way Id like the business to be perceived. When you get home and you arent on my dime, then do what you like. If you have a problem with it during the day then go ahead and find another job. Im not forcing you to stay in this job. Seems pretty easy to me and I know there are lots of people out there out of work dying to find a jobIn fact, I have at least 60 resumes sitting on my desk today.

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