There is a lot of tension between Dianne and me!

There is a lot of tension between Dianne and me! For me at least, I’m upset with the way the medical spa is turning out. I’m busy running my plastic surgery practice, and don’t have the time to also run a medical spa. That’s why I thought bringing Dianne in was an interesting idea -- have her run a spa to augment my business. My observation (and that of Melanie) is that Dianne is not focusing on our business or hers. She is distracted by her divorce and other personal issues. Whatever the reason, she is not showing a commitment to make this work. Her staff is young and unbridled. They need hands on leadership and training, and that needs to start with Dianne. She needs to be monitoring her staff’s behavior (which is wildly inappropriate at times), and provide them with detailed lists of jobs that need to be accomplished with a specific timeline. I am personally much more interested in what these people can achieve than how they look. No more time at the nail shops, hair salons, restaurants, and the beach! I had a meeting with her this week and told her that this medical spa business needs her focus and allegiance. This is a tough economy, so real effort is what counts. She needs to show leadership in dealing with her employees and in running the business. The road to success is paved with a lot of hard work. Come on Team Dianne, work up a sweat……everyone would rather see that than your next facial.

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